Do we make our own products? Yes

Founder, Jude Steele, has been the driving force behind Olieve & Olie from the very beginning. With a background in Chemistry / Medical Technology and passion for all things natural and organic, Jude began making her first batch of soap shortly after their first harvest of olives 15 years ago. Together with a team of chemists, Jude has developed over 30 natural skincare products in varying sizes and fragrances. With so much experience and expertise, Jude is a tremendous asset to the business, and continues to head up production at Olieve & Olie. Read more about the Olieve & Olie story here.

Are our products really made by hand? Yes

In the beginning, Jude made all their products in 20 litre saucepans in their farm-house kitchen at the Gunbower Creek olive grove. Jude now makes the products in 100 litre kettles in their Rosebud factory, but the work is still all done by hand. On any given day you will find Jude in the factory mixing, pouring, measuring, bottling, labelling, and packing, with the help of her trusted team. Read more about our ingredients here.

Do we test on animals or use palm oil? No

We do not test our product on animals what so ever, and we most certainly do not use palm oil. Not only does the harvesting of palm oil kill the Orangutan's habitat, but it destroys forests and other wildlife. Even sustainable palm oil plantations must be cut down to harvest the oil. Harvesting olive oil, on the other hand, does not destroy trees or habitat. Not to mention that the oil we use is grown locally free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. We love supporting local producers, and by using our products you are supporting them too. Click here to purchase our products.